Reasons to Select a Roller Door Over Other Options for Your Garage

If you're looking to install new garage doors, you'll have come across various options. Read on to discover reasons to choose a roller door over alternatives, like sectional and tilt designs. Maximise Overhead Storage One of the best attributes of a garage, other than housing your vehicles, is that it provides extra storage area. Many products are available to help you to make use of overhead space on the garage ceiling: nets for relatively light sports equipment, hooks for tools, pulley systems that can hold bicycles and ceiling-mounted shelves for camping equipment. Read More 

Benefits of adding battery power to your garage doors

With garage doors becoming increasingly automated and multi-functional, homeowners are relying on the smooth operation of their doors for many different purposes. For example, your garage doors play a critical role in security, storage, and smart home integration. If your doors were to malfunction, you may end up in an emergency situation. There have been cases where wild fires have caused garage doors to get stuck, thus keeping homeowners locked in their property. Read More 

Three Benefits Of Converting Manual Roller Shutters Into Electric Operation

Manually winding your roller shutters day in and day out can be a lot of work. Simple and convenient operation and aesthetic appeal are just two things that are among the top benefits of automatic roller shutters. You can also look forward to enjoying these benefits if you convert your old manual roller shutters into electric operation shutters. Why should you consider doing the conversion? Here are a few good reasons. Read More 

Garage Doors: Three Design Tips for the Perfect Custom Feature

Custom garage doors are perfect for enhancing the kerb appeal of a residential lot. In simple terms, a customised feature will complement and improve the beauty of the property. In addition, you can design a door with better functional features which would not be available for all stock garage doors. When creating a custom door, there are crucial aspects of the structure that you must consider. These factors include the size of the garage entrance, the construction material and the cost of the door. Read More 

Choosing A Powercut-Proof Automatic Garage Door

An automatic garage door can be a tremendously useful labour-saving device, allowing you to enter, exit and secure your garage door without ever leaving the comfort of your vehicle. However, garage door openers naturally require a power source to function, and many openers become useless if and when your home's main power supply cuts out, forcing you to revert to opening and closing your garage door by hand. However, not all garage doors become immobile when the power cuts out, and not all garage door openers become completely inoperative without their main power supply. Read More