Top Benefits of Counterweight Doors Instead of Typical Garage Doors

If you are looking to install a brand-new garage door on your home, you might not have thought about any other options other than a traditional garage door. In fact, you might have thought that traditional garage doors are really your only option. However, there are counterweight doors that you can look into instead. Counterweight doors don't have tracking systems. Counterweight doors are often used for commercial and industrial use, but they have their benefits for residential purposes, too. If you're wondering why you might want to do this, consider these benefits.

They Give You More Style Options

First of all, counterweight doors make it possible for you to install doors that are made out of heavier materials. This gives you more style options. Since the look of your garage door can definitely make a big difference in how your entire home looks, having more style options to choose from is always a good thing.

They Give You More Size Options

If you're in the process of having a home built, you might be interested in installing a wider garage door. You might want to do this because you might want to have more space available for parking multiple vehicles or you might want to use your garage as a big workshop. Because counterweight door systems make it possible for you to have bigger and heavier doors, then this gives you more size options. On the other hand, counterweight doors work well in narrow spaces, too.

They Don't Require as Much Maintenance

Maintaining your garage door is very important if you want to keep it in a good, safe condition. As you might know from previous experience, maintaining a traditional garage door can be challenging and time-consuming. You have to worry about inspecting different parts, adding lubricant to moving parts and more. There is a lot less maintenance to worry about with counterweight doors since their setup is a lot simpler.

Repairs Can Be Done More Quickly

Just as maintenance is simpler on counterweight garage doors, repairs are usually faster and simpler, too. Therefore, if something does eventually go wrong with your counterweight garage door, you can hopefully have it done affordably and quickly.

Instead of automatically assuming that a typical garage door is your only option, you should definitely look into counterweight doors. Even though they aren't quite as popular for residential use, they can be a great option for your home. Consider a counterweight garage door for these reasons and more.