What Are the Most Common Issues With Roller Doors at Warehouses?

Roller doors are an extremely popular choice for warehouses, as they're cost-effective and easy to operate. However, due to their continuous use, this type of door can experience issues from time to time. So if you have roller doors at your facility, what are some of the most common problems to expect, and what should you do if you currently have a problem?  Roller Door Opening and Closing Problems One of the most common issues with roller doors is that they don't open or close properly. Read More 

3 Benefits Of A Professional Garage Door Installation

While you can install a new garage door, you should seriously consider giving this job to a professional installation company. What are the benefits of having your new door professionally fitted? 1. Avoid Installation Damage and Accidents DIY garage door installations can be problematic. Even if you follow instructions, many door systems are complicated to put together. Plus, these systems contain heavy and potentially hazardous parts. If you make a mistake, then you could damage your new door or some of its parts. Read More 

Top Benefits of Counterweight Doors Instead of Typical Garage Doors

If you are looking to install a brand-new garage door on your home, you might not have thought about any other options other than a traditional garage door. In fact, you might have thought that traditional garage doors are really your only option. However, there are counterweight doors that you can look into instead. Counterweight doors don't have tracking systems. Counterweight doors are often used for commercial and industrial use, but they have their benefits for residential purposes, too. Read More 

What Are the Risks of Ignoring the Need for Garage Door Repair?

A garage is an excellent addition to your home, as it provides additional space to store your car or other belongings safely. Though most garage doors are made from high-quality material, they are not meant to last forever. These doors need constant maintenance to ensure they remain in good shape. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore the need to have their garage door professionally maintained, which is dangerous. Here are some risks of ignoring the need for timely garage door repairs and maintenance in your house: Read More 

Reasons to Select a Roller Door Over Other Options for Your Garage

If you're looking to install new garage doors, you'll have come across various options. Read on to discover reasons to choose a roller door over alternatives, like sectional and tilt designs. Maximise Overhead Storage One of the best attributes of a garage, other than housing your vehicles, is that it provides extra storage area. Many products are available to help you to make use of overhead space on the garage ceiling: nets for relatively light sports equipment, hooks for tools, pulley systems that can hold bicycles and ceiling-mounted shelves for camping equipment. Read More