Signs That Your Garage Door Springs Might Be Bad

Garage doors are very crucial features that you can have in your home. Garage doors often have a lot of moving parts that are usually under tension. Among the most significant of these parts are the springs. Garage doors come with either torsion or extension springs. Therefore, it is important that based on the functioning of these springs, you are smart in terms of identifying problems in order to find solutions. Read More 

How Crucial Is Insulation For A Steel Garage Door?

The importance of insulation in a steel garage door cannot be understated. Insulated doors basically regulate the temperature inside your steel garage by allowing less heat to leave and get in during the cold and hot months respectively. Consequently, this significantly cuts the amount of energy needed to either cool or heat your steel garage, which saves on energy bills. The level of insulation a steel garage door provides is embodied in its R-value, representing its opposition to heat flow. Read More 

Common Garage Door Opener Issues And How To Fix Them

Whether you have mechanical garage doors or automated ones, you must have some kind of garage door opener to help you operate them. Sometimes, these garage door openers malfunction, affecting the function and safety of the doors. So here is a look at some of the issues that could arise with your garage door openers, what they could mean and how you could possibly fix them. The door won't open Read More 

4 Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

From simple analogue to complex electronic systems, garage doors are designed to sustain an extensive degree of wear and tear. In order to keep them functioning all year round, however, it is important that owners understand the ins and outs of garage door maintenance: from simple cleaning procedures to more complex measures. Regular Lubrication Garage door systems do not react well to agents like WD-40 or grease. In fact, most require a special lubricant designed for garage doors only (which can be bought at any hardware store). Read More 

Understanding the Process of Garage Door Repairs

The process of repairing a garage door can seem to be an arduous task. However, with continued use, the garage door is likely to become worn out and in need of repairs. Most of the common repair problems arise from the springs. You need to understand how you can go about carrying out the garage door repairs yourself so that you can save on costs. Determine the Correct Springs Read More