Three Beneficial Features for Your Tilt Garage Door Opener

The tilt garage door is an ideal design to consider installing in your home if you are planning on an upgrade. This type of configuration is favourable because it does not require extensive space for placement, particularly in comparison with roller or sectional garage doors. In simple terms, the door can be installed in garages without extensive head space or side room. One of the important aspects that you must consider when getting a new garage door is the automation of the feature. A good opener will enhance your convenience and security during operation. Here are the most beneficial features that you should look for in a tilt garage door opener.

Photoelectric Safety Sensors

You should look for an opener that has incorporated photoelectric safety sensors in the mechanism. These will prevent the door from closing if there is an object or person within the range of the door. Basically, the tilt garage door is constructed as a single panel or unit made from either steel or wood. This structure is supported using two axles on either side, and these are connected to strong running bearings to facilitate operation.

When the door is opened or lifted, the entire door panel will be lifted or lowered up by this mechanism in a tilting motion. The sensors will stop the impact of this entire heavy feature against any object by sensing interruptions in invisible light rays. In addition, you can select an opener that uses these same sensors for automatic closing. Simply, you can set the tilt garage door to shut itself if no motion or obstruction is detected.

Variable Speed

Variable speed openers are highly advantageous for tilt garage doors. This feature is designed to regulate the speed of closing and opening according to the specific type of door. In general, roller garage doors and sectional alternatives can be closed at rapid speeds. On the other hand, the tilt garage door must always be closed at a slower rate because of the single heavy weight panel and its two support points. Moreover, if the tilt door is fast, the weight will put the opener under strain and cause deterioration. Therefore, look for this feature for optimal safety and prolonged performance.

Adaptive Technology

Finally, you should select a garage door opener with adaptive technology for ideal long-term operation and less maintenance. Basically, the springs, axles and hinges in tilt doors tend to change due to weather or age. An adaptive opener will automatically adjust the power and door movement, depending on the condition of the door.