A Few Simple Things to Check When Your Home’s Garage Door Needs Repair

Your home's garage door may need repair on occasion, as the springs and other parts of the door may break, get worn down, get rusted, or otherwise require some attention. However, just because the garage door is acting up doesn't mean it's actually broken and needs repair. Note a few things to check before you call a repairperson and when your door may need to be addressed by a professional.

Bent or broken track

A garage door travels along a track and when that track is bent or broken, the door can easily get stuck. Keep in mind that garage doors have sensors that keep them from moving up or down when they sense that something is in their way; this is for your safety, so the door doesn't close on top of someone or on top of something parked in the way of the door. However, these sensors can also be telling the door to stop moving when the track is bent out of shape, as it may sense this bend as being an obstacle. Examine the door's track very carefully and note if an area needs bending with a pair of pliers or another simple fix to get it straight and even again.

Worn springs

If your home's garage door doesn't lift as it should, note if the motor seems to be running to the automatic opener but the springs connected to the door are not coiling. This can mean that the door is too heavy for the springs and the springs have lost tension. You need to have a professional change these springs as they're very dangerous. If the springs are hidden away and you can't see them, note if the opener hums and seems to be trying to lift the door without it moving. This too often means the springs are the culprit.

Automatic lock

If your garage door's automatic opener seems to hum but the door doesn't move, check the housing unit to see if there is an automatic lock that is engaged. This lock is a failsafe mechanism that you can use when you need to ensure the door doesn't move, but you may have engaged it accidentally. In some doors, there is a cord that you can pull to lock the door in place; note if there is such a cord from the housing unit and if it seems engaged. Unlocking these can get your door working again.

For more information, contact a professional in garage door repairs.