What Are the Most Common Issues With Roller Doors at Warehouses?

Roller doors are an extremely popular choice for warehouses, as they're cost-effective and easy to operate. However, due to their continuous use, this type of door can experience issues from time to time. So if you have roller doors at your facility, what are some of the most common problems to expect, and what should you do if you currently have a problem? 

Roller Door Opening and Closing Problems

One of the most common issues with roller doors is that they don't open or close properly. This could be down to a range of factors, including the misalignment of the door tracks or faulty motors. If one of these is causing your door to open or close improperly, it will need to be repaired promptly in order to ensure that the warehouse remains secure.

Door Jamming

Another issue that can occur with roller doors is jamming during opening or closing. This is often caused by something getting stuck in the track and preventing the door from moving freely. It may also be caused by objects being placed too close to the track, which causes the door to become blocked. If any objects are blocking your door track, make sure you remove them immediately and check for any other obstructions before trying to open or close the door again.

Damaged Rollers and Tracks

The rollers and tracks on a warehouse roller door can become damaged over time due to everyday wear and tear. If you notice any damage on either of these parts, then you should have them replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage from occurring. It's also important that you get a professional maintenance check done regularly in order to identify any potential problems early on before they become major issues.

Sensor Issues

If your door only opens part way or seems to have an inconsistent operation, you may have an issue with the proximity sensors. These need to be carefully adjusted and free of any obstruction. Take a close look at them and make sure that they are kept in good condition at all times.

What to Do Next

Several potential issues can occur with roller doors at warehouses which can cause them not to open or close properly, or even jam altogether, resulting in costly downtime for businesses if not dealt with promptly. It's therefore important that businesses have their roller doors serviced regularly by a qualified technician who can diagnose any potential faults quickly and efficiently. This will help ensure that they don't become bigger problems in the future. If you are currently experiencing issues and you cannot put your finger on the cause, get in touch with a technician as soon as possible for advice.

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