4 Reasons Why Your Motorized Garage Door is Failing to Close Fully

It can be incredibly frustrating to find that your motorized garage door isn't coming down all the way. If the garage isn't completely shut off, everything inside, from your car to your power tools, will no longer be protected from the weather. Even worse, the security of your property will be compromised. With that in mind, you'll want to quickly figure out exactly why your garage door isn't coming to a complete close. Read More 

Three Beneficial Features for Your Tilt Garage Door Opener

The tilt garage door is an ideal design to consider installing in your home if you are planning on an upgrade. This type of configuration is favourable because it does not require extensive space for placement, particularly in comparison with roller or sectional garage doors. In simple terms, the door can be installed in garages without extensive head space or side room. One of the important aspects that you must consider when getting a new garage door is the automation of the feature. Read More