Reasons to Select a Roller Door Over Other Options for Your Garage

If you're looking to install new garage doors, you'll have come across various options. Read on to discover reasons to choose a roller door over alternatives, like sectional and tilt designs.

Maximise Overhead Storage

One of the best attributes of a garage, other than housing your vehicles, is that it provides extra storage area. Many products are available to help you to make use of overhead space on the garage ceiling: nets for relatively light sports equipment, hooks for tools, pulley systems that can hold bicycles and ceiling-mounted shelves for camping equipment. 

A roller door that opens to form a compact bundle over the entryway won't monopolise any ceiling area that you can handily use to solve storage issues. On the other hand, sectional doors open by moving upwards and then spreading across tracks fixed to the ceiling. Thus, these doors largely nullify one of the best attributes of a garage: its storage potential.

Preserve Driveway Area

Many driveways hold several cars for different family members. It can be a tight squeeze and inconvenient at times, as one person might need to reverse their car out the way to let another leave. If driveway space is at a premium, it's best that a garage door doesn't add to the inconvenience. 

Because roller doors move vertically, they don't protrude over the driveway, so cars can park up close to maximise space. Some other garage door models, however, such as tilting designs, swing outwards. Thus, cars need to be well back — otherwise, they'll be damaged. 

Alternatively, on a sunny day, you might want to open the garage for fresh air and a view as you work on a project. With a roller door installed, to do this, you won't have to set in motion a chain of car musical-chairs to clear the way only for some air and a view.

Classic Ribbed Door

Another reason to choose a roller design for your garage door installation is if you love their classic ribbed design, which is available in a range of beautiful hues such as blue, red, cream and other shades. You could match it to the roofing or the trim on your home. Roller doors suit many different architectural styles, and their minimal, sleek look won't steal attention away from feature elements, such as a front door. But, you can also if you wish, make a statement by installing a bright green or red door. Other garage entrance options don't display such smooth, clean lines.

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