Three Benefits Of Converting Manual Roller Shutters Into Electric Operation

Manually winding your roller shutters day in and day out can be a lot of work. Simple and convenient operation and aesthetic appeal are just two things that are among the top benefits of automatic roller shutters. You can also look forward to enjoying these benefits if you convert your old manual roller shutters into electric operation shutters.

Why should you consider doing the conversion? Here are a few good reasons.  

1. Save On The Cost Of Buying New Shutters

It's generally less expensive to convert manually-operated roller shutters into automatic shutters than it is to buy new ones. However, you should always ensure that the shutters are in good condition. You will want to consider purchasing new ones if the shutters are too old and worn out.

The cost of conversion varies from one company to the next. You can always ask for quotes from several companies and compare them to ensure that you are getting a good, market-competitive price.

2. The Burden Of Unused Shutters

What will you do with the old roller shutters? That's something you will have to think about if you take down your manually-operated shutters and replace them with new electric ones.

With the conversion, that will not be a concern, and you don't have to worry about adding to your load of things that you will need to reuse or otherwise dispose of from your property. You will not be creating any new waste.

3. It's A Simple Process

It shouldn't take a professional electrician more than just a few hours to convert your roller shutters into automatic operation. You can expect a same-day service as opposed to having to spend a great deal of time shopping around for new electric roller shutters.

Just as with buying new electric roller shutters, you have options when you choose to convert your manual shutters into electric operations. You can choose to have the electrician set up remote control operation, which is the most popular choice. Another option is going for a controller switch. The location of this switch is a matter of preference, and you can choose to have it near the window or on the wall near the light switch.

Electric operation of roller shutters is not just a trend; it's very practical and has many advantages. If you are considering making the conversion to make your manual shutters into electrical ones, contact a roller shutters service provider today.