Benefits of adding battery power to your garage doors

With garage doors becoming increasingly automated and multi-functional, homeowners are relying on the smooth operation of their doors for many different purposes. For example, your garage doors play a critical role in security, storage, and smart home integration. If your doors were to malfunction, you may end up in an emergency situation.

There have been cases where wild fires have caused garage doors to get stuck, thus keeping homeowners locked in their property. This is why installing battery-operated door openers is very useful. You can use this option as a backup to ensure that power outages don't affect your ability to operate your garage doors.

If you're still on the fence regarding this investment, here are some benefits of installing a battery-operated garage door opener.

1. Emergency use

Battery-powered garage door openers are the perfect backup for emergency situations. When the power goes out due to inclement weather, fires or other similar situations, you can use the backup opener to enter or exit your garage as necessary.

Think of battery-operated openers as serving similar functions to a backup generator. When the power goes out, you can still use the battery pack to open or close your door using a remote control. The battery also holds enough charge to open your door multiple times on one charge. In this way, you can get through power outages, tornadoes, and flooding without having to worry about your doors being stuck.

2. Keeps your door in good condition

Battery openers can also help your doors remain in optimal condition. If your main opener experiences an issue, you can rely on the backup option as you plan to have repairs carried out. This will help in both emergency situations and when you are trying to live your day-to-day life while waiting for a repair service to fix your main opener.

3. Reduce injury risks

No garage door opener is perfect. Some may experience operational issues and cause your door to get stuck while opening. It is always recommended that you maintain a safe distance from the doors as they open and close. However, having battery openers as a backup may further protect your family from unexpected complications.

4. Easy installation

Battery openers come in many different shapes, sizes, and power options. After matching the capacity of your battery opener with your actual doors, the installation process is quite simple. The battery pack can be easily mounted onto the motor housing or near the main garage door opener assembly.

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