Signs That Your Garage Door Springs Might Be Bad

Garage doors are very crucial features that you can have in your home. Garage doors often have a lot of moving parts that are usually under tension. Among the most significant of these parts are the springs. Garage doors come with either torsion or extension springs. Therefore, it is important that based on the functioning of these springs, you are smart in terms of identifying problems in order to find solutions. This is because faulty or worn out springs can be dangerous because your garage door may close unexpectedly and cause damage to people or property. Therefore, here are some signs that your garage door springs are faulty.

A Garage Door That Stops When Opening

If your garage doors won't open in a single fluid motion, your springs might have started wearing down and may break soon. The failure to open is caused by the weakening of the springs as they wear out, making them lose tension intermittently. Therefore, regardless of whether your garage door uses torsion or extension springs, it is important to have them checked by a professional when you notice that there is some resistance of your door when you try opening it. Doing this will ensure that your garage door continues functioning well while eliminating the risks of injuries and damages if the springs break.

Bent Garage Door at the Top Section

A garage door that is bent at the top is usually a result of an electric garage door opener that was lifting your door but bent it at the top because of a broken spring.  The bent top section can occur regardless of the configuration or type of your garage door.

Hanging Cable and Pulley

If your garage door pulley or cable is hanging down, you could be having a problem with your extension springs. These extension springs are usually installed on each side of your garage door to lift it up and down. Broken extension springs can cause the cables to twist when they come in contact with the metal edge of the garage door track.

A Garage Door That Falls Down Faster Than Usual When Going Down

If you notice that your garage door falls down with greater speed, you might have a faulty or broken spring. This is because when you have broken springs, the weight of your garage door will be unbalanced, and since the design of your garage door openers won't let them carry this unbalanced weight, the door is likely to fall down at a greater speed than the normal.

If you notice any of these signs of a broken garage door spring, contact a local garage door repair company