Understanding Your Options for Residential Security Doors

The exterior entrance door is the most vulnerable part of a residential building. Generally, these structures are built resiliently and designed for long-term service. Unfortunately, when the home is warm on a fair day, it is easy to ignore the need to lock the door in order to enjoy the cool breeze. A security screen door is fabricated to allow you to leave the front door open, without compromising the safety of your home. Moreover, it will reinforce security at night against unscrupulous people such as burglars and robbers. Here are your main options if you are thinking about installing a security screen door from a company like Aus Secure.

Screen Material

You can choose a security screen door from a wide range of products fabricated from an assortment of materials. The ideal choice for your premises should enhance the security in your home, without affecting your pre-set budget. Steel is a popular choice for residential buyers because it is fairly cheap and highly durable. You can purchase galvanised or stainless steel if you are concerned about accelerated rusting and corrosion.

If you are in the coastal or other humid environments, consider choosing a fibreglass screen. It is not susceptible to water damage and the material is fairly strong. Aluminium screen doors are also relatively popular because they are easy to install and affordable. On the other hand, you should be cautious about this material because it is light and ductile. Finally, consider purchasing a bronze screen door if you have a flexible budget. The material is strong and durable but the cost is high.


Security screen doors are functional but they should also enhance the exterior appeal. If you are hesitant about installing the structure due to the perceived plainness, you should consider choosing a custom-made alternative. The costs are fairly high but you will get a unique feature. You can have the infill grills or mesh designed to mimic preferred motifs that complement your home. You should also consider choosing a security door style that allows you install a removable flyscreen or glass panels when needed.

Installation Options

The functionality and expediency of the door will be determined by the installation techniques. If you have chosen a swing door, you should consider whether you want a left-handed or right-handed configuration. You can also purchase a sliding screen door for wide patio doors that are accessible from outside. The frames and tracks should be made using high-quality steel to limit the risk of access. Ensure that your installation contractor is qualified to avoid poor performance.